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Weewar Battle Simulator

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Update (7-1-08): This is now finally updated with the current unit specifications!
Update (4-29-08): There’s a new battle simulator for the
test server. Check it out here.
Update (12-14-07): New version with more accurate results.
See the Tangler forums for details.
Update (1-13-08): Now with more appropriate terrain defaults.


  • To use this simulator, first click on the unit type for attacker and defender.
  • The terrain type is defaulted to “Plains” (except for water and capturing units) and the unit number is defaulted to “10″, but you can change them to anything you want.
  • Next up, at the bottom, click the level of bonus to apply (for attacks from multiple sides).
  • Finally, click “BATTLE!” and the outcome probabilities will be calculated and displayed at the bottom.
  • After the battle is done, you can click “Set” (by the results) to set the respective most probable outcome as the current unit number.
  • Rinse and Repeat!

Using the Bonus Calculator

  • Determining your attack bonus can be tricky - this calculator takes out the guess work.
  • First, click on any of the hexes to mark where the first attack occurred - it will be marked as “1st.”
  • Then click on the hex where the second attack occurred - it will be marked as “2nd.”
  • The resulting bonus effect will then show up under “Total Bonus.”
  • Continue clicking the hexes for as many attacks as you have. Also, click on the DFA to add the distant attack bonus.
  • If you make a mistake, click on “Back” to go back a step, or click on “Reset” to erase everything.
  • Finally you can click on “Set” to set the calculated bonus as your current battle bonus.

36 Responses to “Weewar Battle Simulator”

  1. Jayson (bonchon) Says:

    Hey Pluto - Just thought you’d like to know, I think something either changed with the WeeWar battle algorithm, or might be off in the simulator.

    I was just able to kill a 3hp heavy tank with a 7hp hovercraft. Hovie on water, heavy tank on grass - it was the third attack in the round. Battle calc thinks it’s 85% likely to do no damage, 15% likely to only do 1hp, and impossible to do more than that.

  2. alupa Says:

    When calculating a hit using a heavy artillery on grass vs. a light infantry unit on grass your simulator shows a 55% chance that the heavy artillery unit will have a loss of four points. (Assuming both units are ranked 10 when starting.)

    This seems strange because i’ve never had any loss of points when using a heavy artillery on a ground unit within fire distance.

    Could you explain?

  3. Robert (bmaker) Says:

    Jayson, for this case I call you an extreme lucker!

    The exact probabilities (calculated instead of guessing from simulation; see weewar forums) are:
    HT loses 0hp: 0.82723057162683555
    HT loses 1hp: 0.17253237681412592
    HT loses 2hp: 0.00023704526130097214
    HT loses 3hp: 6.2977331127811453e-09

    As you can see, the probability that the heavy tank gets destroyed is much less than 0.02%.

    - bmaker

  4. Pluto Says:

    Jayson, two things. First, did you enter in the bonus amount for the attack? You say that it was the third attack, so at the minimum, the bonus should have been +2, which would give you a probability of < 0.5% so it’s rounded to 0% in the simulator, but still possible. Secondly, the bonus amount could have been upwards of +6, which would give you a 36% probability.

    Either way, you were lucky!

    Alupa, please keep in mind that the simulator does not take attack ranges into account. You just have to know that if the light infantry is not adjacent to the artillery, then there will be no effect on the artillery

  5. alupa Says:


    Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense. It was just weird to me because if the infantry unit was close enough to return fire then it would be close enough that the artillery wouldn’t have it in targeting range (and vise versa).

    Thanks though, this is a great addition to the weewar family of tools and implements of destruction.

  6. matt538 Says:

    Hey Pluto, this is a reminder of the tweak we discussed in the game. I would really like it if the bonus were reset every time I change a defending unit type or terrain. This would help with me forgetting when the bonus is set, and getting the wrong result.

  7. Memo Says:

    It seems that the simulator is flawed in that it does not take into account Attacker and Defender. This is important because the terrain bonus is different for an attacker or a defender.

  8. Pluto Says:

    It should be taking that into account. Can you cite an instance where you think it is flawed?

  9. Memo Says:

    It seems as though I miss read the technical specification. The simulator is correct. Sorry for my error.

  10. Sven Says:

    Why do the probabilities keep changing every time you press the battle! button?

  11. Pluto Says:

    The minor changes are due to the randomness of the attack algorithm. The simulator performs 10,000 battle simulations and averages out the results… so there might be some variabilty

  12. fatman Says:

    There’s something I was tempted to write here. I just attacked a trooper(on Plains) with an HA(in Forest) .. and reduced its life to ‘2′ from ‘8′ ! The simulator showed the probability of this event to be 0.04 … so I took it as my bad luck !
    But then I attacked the same trooper (with ‘2′ life) through another of my trooper (with ‘4′ life) from an adjacent HILL !! … and the victim’s life reduced by just ‘1′ .. while the simulator showed that there was no chance it would survive at all !!!!??

    Did I do the simulation wrong or what ?? .. coz after the HA attack, in the simulator, i reduced the victim’s life to 2 … and set the bonus(the one below the ‘attacker’ & ‘defender’ columns) as 6 !!

  13. Pluto Says:

    if your only previous attack was with the HA, then the bonus should have only been +1, not +6. That would give a 6% chance of having only 1 guy left. Again, very unlucky, but still possible.

    Don’t buy any lottery tickets today!

  14. Zoraster Says:

    curious why if i hit battle a number of times with the same setup the percentages are slightly different each time. i understand there’s randomness figured in, but that’s what the percentages are supposed to show, right?

  15. RadRx Says:

    The bonus calculater doesn’t seem to be impacting combat results.

  16. pluto Says:

    the bonus calculator does not impact the results unless you hit “set” which will add your calculated bonus to the battle simulation

  17. spazmo Says:

    why no hovercrafts?

  18. eldiablo Says:

    Need to fix Helicopter vs. Trooper in woods/mountains. Shows the helicopter losing 1 about 50% of the time. Trooper has 0 attack against air. Also if I crank up the bonus can get some losses to the Helicopter even from plains.

  19. Chris Says:

    How do you indicate range? For example, Heavy Artillery versus Heavy Tank shows the Artillery taking heavy damage. But by definition, I have to be out of range of the Tank to use the Artillery.

  20. Jon Says:

    Adobe Flash just (today) asked me to upgrade my flash installation. I did.. And now the weewar simulator doesn’t work! It says:
    “(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)”

  21. Todd Says:

    Is this simulator still accurate? I just starting playing ww again last week and have been using it– then I realized I have been losing battles that the simulator predicted I should win! nooooooo!

  22. larslars Says:

    what if you hit several times from the same hex, does that not also give a bonus?

  23. ResistanceIsFutile Says:

    Was showing this to a friend and he pointed out that the simulator doesn’t take any ranges into account. The knee-jerk is “well, of course not, how can the simulator know how far away something is,” but there are a few characteristics built into the game that the simulator might be able to account for, such as who is attacking what.
    For example, say a DFA is attacking a tank. The simulator currently shows damage to both items, but we know that damage can only occur to one. If the DFA is physically able to attack, the tank must be at least 2 away, so the DFA will never take damage from a tank when attacking.
    The same holds true for the reverse. If a tank is physically able to attack a DFA, it must be within 1 square, so a tank will never take damage when it’s in the left (attacking) column.
    This obviously applies best to the DFA, but it can also apply to light artillery. Thoughts?

  24. ResistanceIsFutile Says:

    Just realized Chris already pointed this out on Dec. 8… his comments above.

  25. olaine apol Says:


    i just wanna ask if the game weewar battle simulator uses dfa-based algorithm?


  26. weewarmonger Says:

    The simulator needs a provision for ranged attacks - destroyers, etc.

  27. Chubain Says:

    Will you update the simulator for the new units being tested? This is an excellent tool that I would hate to lose.

  28. Pyldrvr Says:

    @chubain, Spadequack says he and Pluto have plans on updating this once the stats on the new version are final. Woot!

  29. BooDog Says:

    Sounds like things are final now, hopefully this can be updated!!!

  30. Nature_God Says:

    How do you make it so to find the damage of an artillery on a unit from a distance?

    For example when i put a DFA vs Zerk = the DFA gets damage when it would out of range of the zerk… how do I put that in?

    - i can see this been really useful, nice work Pluto ;)

  31. myliverhatesme Says:

    @Nature_God, I’m not quite sure if I understand the question fully. But from what it sounds like, this really isn’t an issue. If the artillery is out of range, you know the damage done to the artillery will be 0 and the damage done to the berserker will be whatever it says already. Am I overlooking something?

  32. Nature_God Says:

    You have answered my question… sorry i did not make it more clear :S

    Thanks myliverhatesme :)

  33. Ostrica Says:

    I may be the unluckiest man on Earth, chance that Anti Air unit with full health will damage a jet by only one point is 1%, and out of last four attacks it happend to me twice! Did the jet get a super bonus on a hostile airfield???

  34. Ostrica Says:

    Ok, I got that jets do get the airfield bonus on hostile airports, that explains it. Seems unlogical, but there it is.

  35. Tim Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the massively useful tool!

  36. Maximus Says:

    Do hits from battleships and destroyers count as artilley hits when calculating bonuses?

    Thanks, great tool.

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